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Skyline Lakes

The following is a list of some of the on-going activities at Skyline Lakes.  

Youth Events

Children's parties are held for Easter, Halloween and Christmas.  During the year Bingo, Movie Nights, Clubhouse Activity Nights, Summer Kickoff Parties, and other events are held for children ages (1-16).  Arts and Crafts for kids on the beach and swimming lessons are offered during the summer.


Our beaches are open for swimming, sunbathing and relaxation from Memorial Day through Labor Day each season.  

Swim lessons are offered by our life guards at the beginning of each season.  Check back in the spring of 2013 for information about next summers Swim Lessons. Each summer SLPOA lifeguards conduct swimming lessons for members and their families.


Skyline Lakes is a beautiful lake for our members to enjoy kayaking or row boating.  We allow peddle boats as well.  The only restriction is that we do not allow any sort of motorized boat on our lakes.


Skyline Lakes is a catch-and-release lake.  Fishing for sport can be enjoyed by all members.  We have quite a variety of fish in our lake.  

Arts and Crafts

Each year we run arts and crafts night, and pizza parties a few times throughout the beach season.  Check the calendar for information about these nights next season.

Clubhouse Activities

Skyline Lakes Property Owner's Association conducts activities at the clubhouse each year.  Social functions are put together by various committees and volunteers within our lake community.  Members are invited to join us for any of these fun evenings ranging from Ground Hog Day Socials, to St. Patrick's Day Parties, and all sorts of event through the day.  

Skyline Lakes - Ongoing Activities