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Members of SLPOA enjoy year round events, from swimming in the summer months, including various social functions and events for children throughout the year. Membership is open to all residents of the Skyline Lakes area of Ringwood, New Jersey.

Membership is renewable each year, and the annual membership fees are due on April 1st of each year.

Also, our membership stimulus plan continues this year.  First prize in our raffle is one year free membership.  Send in your full membership dues by April 1, 2017 to be entered in this years raffle.

Skyline Lakes Membership Information

We offer the convenience of online dues payments through PayPal!  Please fill out the membership application and send to us through email or traditional mail so that we arrange for your annual badges and boat passes.  

Use any credit card or PayPal for a fast, safe, and secure transaction.  Please note that a convenience fee has been added to all online payments to offset our costs associated with accepting online payments.  Thank you.

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2018 Membership Dues Schedule

New Members:

We are always excited to welcome new members.  First time members to Skyline Lakes pay the annual membership fee and a one time initiation fee for the first year only.  All subsequent years, members pay an annual membership renewal fee.

Annual Membership Fee: $ 390.00 + Initiation Fee: $  75.00 = Total New Member Fee: $ 465.00

Current Members Annual Renewal Fee

Membership Renewal is available to any family that was a member in good standing in the year prior to the renewal.  Any membership that is inactive for more than one year is charged an initiation fee upon renewal.

Annual Membership Renewal Fee: $ 390

SLPOA Senior Member Renewal




SLPOA Member Renewal




SLPOA New Member




SLPOA Senior New Member




(Membership Renewal $390 plus $13 PayPal Fee = $487.00) (Senior Membership Renewal $195 plus $7 PayPal Fee = $202.00) NEW MEMBERS (Membership Fee $390 plus Initiation Fee $75 plus 15 PayPal Fee = $480.00) (Senior Membership Fee $195 plus Initiation Fee $75 plus $9 PayPal Fee = $279.00)