Welcome to Skyline Lakes


On August 24,  Arrival Time: 1:30 and race starts at 2:00pm

We will be hosting a cardboard boat Regatta. The task will be to build a boat out of cardboard and duct tape, and paddle it across the lake.

Participants must be eight years or older, must have passed the dock test, and must wear a PFD.

Awards will be given for
1. Fastest/furthest travelled (depending on how many finish the race!)
2. Best decorated
3. Most titanic sinking!

Links with tips on how to build your cardboard boat will be posted.


Our 4th Annual Regatta

Races will start at 1:00pm

We will end the day with a float fest. Details to follow they can contact me with question or looking to volunteer for this event.

More Information to follow soon.


Welcome to the new website

Over the next couple of days we will upload more content. We will have information regarding Lake information to Club House Rentals. Information regarding events to lake and rental forms.

Skyline Lakes Facebook Page

Skyline Lakes Facebook Page

Skyline Lakes

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