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The Skyline Lakes Property Patrol

 The Skyline Lakes Property Patrol is looking for new members. This group canvases our properties to assure that membership requirements for use of our properties are being followed and that our facilities are being used properly by the membership. Patrols are conducted by two members working as a team and usually take place in the 7 to 8pm time frame, seven days a week during the beach season. We will practice all social distancing and zero contact guidelines as required. As unauthorized use of our properties by non-members has become more prevalent and the damage and mess that usually accompanies such use negatively impacts our members enjoyment of our lakes this group provides a vital function for all.  Social distancing requirements in place at the state level may limit beach population so assuring that our members’ only policy is strictly enforced is more important than ever.  Please contact John Stack at 201-344-5151 or slpoa.legal@yahoo.com for more info or to volunteer some time. 

Please take a moment to read up on the rules we have at the lake

Weekends 11am-6pm Weekdays 11am-5pm Hours of operation are dependent on weather and beach attendance. Guards could be sent home early if the beach is empty.
In July lifeguards will be on duty 11am - 7pm.  

Boats Stored at the Beach

The beach gates will remain locked until the stay at home order has been lifted and other parks and playgrounds in town are allowed to be open. On Saturday, April 4 from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm the gates will be unlocked for the purpose of accessing your boat. If you have a boat stored at the main beach and would like to access it in the next month, please move it during this time. You may lock your boat along the fence in the parking lot or down the boat launch area on the south end of the parking lot, or take it to your home. There is no room for additional boats to be stored by the clubhouse, so DO NOT move your boat to the clubhouse.

Please remember to keep your distance from others. There is absolutely no picnicking, swimming, congregating allowed at the beach or in the parking lot. Please keep children off of the playground – it’s a good idea to leave the kids at home if possible.

Remember that only those who have paid their dues in full may use the lake.

Take note that the gate will be unlocked, but it will be kept closed so as not to attract visitors to the beach. Please close the gate behind you.


Skyline Lakes Board of Directors

Emails were just sent out with updated membership renewal info.

Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 season!
(and yes, there will be one)

To Our Skyline Lake Family,

On behalf of the Board of Directors I want to reach out to everyone to say I hope you are well and managing through this difficult adjustment. Even if you're like me, without young kids in the house and still heading out to work, things are still very, very strange. Our president, Jim Martocci, has been in contact with borough officials, and we have been in contact with other lakes and all are confident that the lakes will be open for the upcoming season. As you probably know, we have had to cancel the Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner, the egg hunt, and the lounge and rental hall were closed ahead of the mandate by the state. Once restrictions have been lifted, organizers will be working overtime to plan wonderful events for the community.

I want to thank everyone who has paid their dues so far. When you pay early, it enables us to plan for the upcoming season. I understand that this is a difficult time financially for a lot of the country and paying dues may be low on your list of priorities. There will be no late fees this year. I am asking that if you are able, to please pay your dues as soon as possible as The Association has bills that have to be paid, the largest being our insurance policies and lifeguard salaries. If you are not able to pay your dues all at once, please consider making installment payments (no installment fees will be charged).

Member packets will not be issued until your dues are paid in full. Please note that if your dues are not paid in full by May 15, 2020, your member packet may not be ready for badge pick-up during Memorial Day Weekend. Dues must be paid in full in order to take advantage of the member rate when booking the clubhouse. Boat storage is for members only, and any boats stored on SLPOA property must have a current sticker displayed by June 15, 2020.

We are continuing the full "FREE MEMBERSHIP" as 1st prize in our membership raffle as part of our "Skyline Lakes Membership Stimulus Plan". Send in your full dues by April 8 and your name will be placed into the membership raffle (extended one week).

1st prize Full rebate on membership dues paid (maximum $400.00).
2nd prize $200.00 Rebate on membership dues paid.
3rd prize $50.00 Rebate on membership dues paid.

Lounge Status

Closed due to the COVID-19 at this time. Thanks everyone for your understanding!


We are looking for LIFEGUARDS this 2020 Summer Season

Kelly Engels for information

973 610-7945


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